When A Life Ends Too Soon

“Today I know he died from a disease. A disease that destroys bodies, families and communities.”

When Larry was alive and we celebrated birthdays together it was a tradition that my Mom would tell us the story of the time we were born. Oh how I loved every detail. We may have gotten old, but her story never did. My Mom told us that when she was pregnant with Larry and me, she had no idea she was carrying twins. Neither did her doctors and nurses. For nine months at every exams they only heard one fetal heart beat. She went into labor and my twin brother was born. Then a few minutes later she started having more contractions. When her doctor examined her he was shocked that there was another baby. 15 minutes later I was born. Twins!! Oh boy …and oh girl were my parents excited.

Larry and I were very close. When we were really little and said our nighttime prayers… “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake. I pray the Lord my soul to take” … we asked God when it was time if we could both “go to heaven” together because we couldn’t bare the thought of being separated from each other. That was our little secret. And we never told anyone, not even our Mom and Dad.

Larry was an amazing, funny and loving brother. He was a talented drummer and admired by every musician he ever played with. He had so much life in him. So much more to give. Today I know he died from a disease. A disease that destroys bodies, families and communities. A disease people are ashamed to talk about. I am proud of my twin brother and the strength that he had to endure years and years of pain and suffering from this devastating disease. It’s just a shame that this disease ultimately won.

Like diabetes and cancer, addiction is a disease.

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